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Q. Why should I consider custom-tailored window treatments when I can buy something, often for less money, at department and big-box stores?

A.  Custom window treatments are made specifically for your windows, not for windows that are almost like yours.  The fit and function will be perfect and professional installation will be included.  A window decor specialist will do the footwork, showing you styles, colors and fabrics that work in your home or for your project.   


Q.  What’s a solution for operating window treatments when windows are large or furniture placement makes manual operation difficult?

A.  We have the solution.  Many window treatments can be motorized to open and close at the touch of a button.  Or sun sensors can be installed so that shades or draperies open and close automatically.  Motorization in the workplace is effective particularly in offices and conference rooms where PowerPoint and other AV presentations require light control.


Q. What factors should I consider when selecting custom window treatments?

A. Most people focus on how the window will look with the window treatments but other factors shouldn’t be overlooked. 

  • Is the room hot in summer and cold in winter?  Insulated window treatments can help.
  • The sun can fade upholstery, wood and floor coverings.  Window treatments that control light offer valuable protection.
  • Today, eco-friendly options are available, including PVC-free fabrics and energy-efficient options.


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